First Line Maintenance (FLM)


First line maintenance (field support) is the main service we offer to our customers. What we provide is an on-site support of telecommunication networks and equipment (onsite FLM support) as well as onsite engineering support of various types of corporate networks, wireless networks, computer systems, IT equipment, access control and more.

Our field support teams consist of trained specialists with extensive practical experience in on-site FLM support of telecommunication networks and equipment. Our field engineers are carefully distributed throughout the covered territory in a way they can respond in a timely manner to the agreed SLA parameters of the on-site field support (FLM). We work on 24/7/365 support scheme while the time to reach the site is up to 2 hours in major regional cities and up to 4 hours in the rest of the country.

What kind of companies can benefit from our First Line Maintenance (FLM support)?

The FLM services of ISTeam are customized for:

  • Telecommunication operators and service providers with telecommunications equipment distributed across Bulgaria and the region who want to ensure the high availability of the services they provide relying on fast and professional telecommunication FLM on-site support without having to maintain their own team of engineers able to cover the entire territory of the service within the required SLA times.
  • System integrators who want to provide high quality on-site technical support to their customers throughout the country and the region without unnecessarily expanding their engineering teams. By using our service they can focus on the essence of their business – looking for new customers, implementing new integration projects and expanding their companies instead of redirecting all engineering human resources into the field support of already completed projects.
  • Local and international chain stores and companies with many offices all over the country whose IT staff is mainly concentrated in the head office. Through our field engineering support, they can quickly fix problems within the remote offices networks, computer equipment, and access control systems with no extra cost for business trips and the loss of precious time of the IT department personell to cover remote offices and stores.

  • Companies who want to save the traditionally high costs for system administrators and IT specialists. For them, ISTeam provides a high quality on-site system administration service and field support in the form of a leased service at considerably cheaper prices.
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What is covered by our First Line Maintenance service (FLM support)?

Our field engineering support (FLM) includes a wide range of services and benefits to increase the quality and efficiency of your business:

  • Providing a stock for spare equipment in 6 cities.
  • Ticketing and reporting systems for all field maintenance activities and ability to generate a complete report of all steps taken by our on-site field engineers.
  • Trained engineers with vast experience in the FLM support of telecommunication networks each equipped with a car, a mobile phone, a mobile computer with 4G Internet connection, all necessary tools, software for diagnostics of various network and computer problems, power meter, cleaning materials, labeling machine and more.
  • Our teams have a good command of Bulgarian and English.
  • Installation / Deinstallation / Replacement of telecommunication equipment
  • Installation / Deinstallation / Replacement of power supply equipment
  • Ability to provide remote configuration/operation access, if necessary, to a Level 2 engineer of ISTeam or directly to the customer
  • Providing transportation of all kinds of telecommunication equipment, power supply systems or other specific equipment
  • Certified specialists with expertise in various fields and covering the major manufacturers and types of telecommunication equipment and software environments:
    • Cisco DWDM
    • Cisco IP
    • Huawei DWDM
    • Infinera DWDM
    • Juniper
    • HPE
    • Fortinet
    • Mikrotik
    • Microsoft
    • Linux
    • VMWare

FLM Services Coverage

ISTeam offers field support of telecommunication networks, enterprise networks, computer equipment and complete IT solutions throughout Bulgaria, on a 24/7/365 basis with response time of up to 2 hours in major cities and up to 4 hours in the rest of the country. We can provide our technical on-site support services in neighboring countries like Northern Turkey, Northern Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania.

Why choose the First Line Maintenance (FLM support) services of ISTeam?

  • We have well-trained, properly equipped and responsible employees with extensive experience in the field technical support of various telecommunication and computer systems
  • Our teams are distributed throughout the service coverage area and can respond quickly to your request.
  • We value professional attitude and approach to work and we clearly realize that our employees often represent you to your clients.