Network Implementation and Structured Cabling


Network implementation and structured cabling are part of the complex services that ISTeam offers to its customers. The company has successfully completed more than 500 projects including end-to-end implementation of corporate data networks, structured cabling, implemetation of WiFi networks, integration of enterprise VoIP solutions, CCTV systems, access control solutions and more.

What is covered by our network implementation and structured cabling services?

ISTeam offers complete portfolio of network implementation and structured cabling services including all project phases such as site survey, planning, documentation, installation, acceptance testing and network support:

  • Site survey – our engineers visit the site and get a detailed description of the existing infrastructure, cable routes, installation points as well as complete information about the current state of the communications environment.

  • Planning – preparation of a detailed plan for structured cabling or corporate network implementation in accordance with customer’s specific requirements and existing infrastructure characteristics. We believe that the communication infrastructure should follow the users, not the users follow the insfrastructure. That is why our planning is always driven by functionality, the possibility of seamless future expansion and, above all, the convenience to end users.
  • Documentation – properly prepared, detailed documentation is an integral part of the network implementation and structured cabling process. Well-kept and up-to-date documentation makes it easy to operate systems and saves time for employees. That is why we always strive to provide the most comprehensive and easy-to-read description of the overall implementation of the network, including an expanded set of graphics and schemes.

  • Installation – complete structured cabling or re-cabling, installation of new or rearrangement of existing communication or computer equipment, arrangement and termination of power and communication cables, full labeling of devices and connections. All network implementation and structured cabling tasks will be executed according to your requirements, meeting your deadlines, at a convenient time for you – in or out of bussines hours.
  • Acceptance tests – complete set of tests of the implmented network, structured cabling and functionality of the installed active devices. All tests are carried out with the appropriate professional equipment, and if reqested by you – in your presence. Once the tests have been completed, any potential problems will be removed and you will receive a detailed report of the completed project.
  • Support of the implemented communication infrastructure – for each completed networking and structured cabling project we can provide high quality support on a 24/7/365 basis to ensure continuity of the services and seamless operation of our customers’ systems.
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Why choose us for you network implementation project?

The engineers of ISTeam have many years of experience in building local area networks in offices, shops or business buildings. Our teams have a level of training and equipment that meet all the modern quality standards for the construction of copper and fiber optic networks and end-to-end structured cabling.

  • We have specialists who have the knowledge to give you a professional advice when choosing telecommunication equipment to meet your specific needs.
  • We can design, build and configure complete telecommunications and IT solutions for you, as well as support your telecommunication systems computer equipment, or corporate networks on-site, on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • We can choose the most appropriate telecommunication service provider as we have many years of experience in working with telecom operators, we are well aware of the services that are available on the market and we can be a good adviser in your decision-making process.